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Darlington Hebrew Congregation Ministers 1885 to present.

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 DHC is very grateful to retired Ruskin College, Oxford history tutor Harold Pollins not only for his research on the history of DHC but also for giving his permission for this post.
"Darlington Ministers to 2017

These details are taken from the Jewish Chronicle unless otherwise indicate. It is possible that some names were not reported, so this may not be a complete list.  The men involved usually occupied several roles, the main one being Shochet. Although many were foreign born some of them probably gave sermons in English as they are recorded as addressing various non-Jewish audiences. " Harold Pollins.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 3 January 1885 page 4

First wedding by Stockton Hebrew Congregation in their new synagogue at Skinner Street, Stockton, of

Joseph Stones of Darlington and Miss Sarah Gordon of Stockton. Performed by Rev G. B. Salomons late of  Darlington.



1 July 1887 page 11

On Tuesday Rev S. Singer left London on a tour of inspection of Jewish schools in various provincial towns. ‘On Wednesday he examined the pupils of the small Religion Class at Darlington to which the Rev. H. P. Levy is visiting minister’.


17 August 1888 page 3

Grants made under Jewish Provincial Ministers’ Fund for the services of Rev H. P. Levy of the Middlesbrough congregation for the Darlington and Stockton congregation for the purpose of preaching occasionally and giving school instruction.
Also to Rev Mark L. Harris of Sunderland for visiting Darlington November 1885 to August 1886.'

5 October 1888 page 14

Rev Moses Reichman, chazzan at Darlington, died ‘somewhat suddenly’ on Friday last. About 42 years old. And in Darlington only a short time. Leaves wife and 6 children. Buried Middlesbrough 25 September.


9 January 1891 page 15

Rev M. E. Davis, Middlesbrough, appointed visiting minister to Darlington and West Hartlepool.


23 September 1904 page 23

Services were conducted by Rev David Osherowitch and  S. Cohen of Darlington and Mr Soboff of Leeds. Mr E. Sliufko, president, has presented congregation with two mantles for the scrolls.


16 November 1906 page 21

No Jewish minister in Darlington. About 30 families. Application being made to the Jewish Ministers’ Fund.


9 August 1907 page 2



WANTED, at once, a CHAZAN, Shochet and Teacher. Salary

£65 per annum and extras. - Apply to A. Richardson, 4 Russell-street, Darlington'.


25 October 1907 page 32

Mr D. Moss of Manchester elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher at Darlington.


15 August 1913 page 2

Darlington Hebrew Congregation

Wanted. Shochet, Reader and Teacher, 25s weekly and perquisites. Apply to secretary, 36 Swinbourne Rd, Darlington

2 January 1914 page 36

Chanucah service at the synagogue conducted by Rev M. Franks. minister to the congregation.

30 July 1915 page 18

Formation of branch of Sinai League. Elected: Hon Rabbi, Rev A(sic) Hyams

20 April 1917 page 16

Service for soldiers conducted by Rev B. Hyams.

25 March 1932 page 30

At a meeting of the congregation presided over by Mr H. Abrahams a silver Kiddush cup and a canteen of cutlery were presented to Rev B. Hyams on his retirement from the ministry. Mr B. Kelt made the presentation and spoke of the good feeling that existed between the members and Mr Hyams on his 18 years service to the congregation. Rev M. Isaacs spoke of Mr Hyams’s ability and kindness shown to him on taking up his duties in Darlington.

21 December 1945 page 13

Rev  M. Isaacs of Stoke has received call to become minister in Massachussetts. After his studying his first appointment was in Darlington which he left in 1933 for Stoke.

9 September 1933 page 8

Engagement. Rev Simon[sic] I. Susman of Darlington, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs F. Susman, Liverpool, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mrs Swift and the late Mr D. Swift of Liverpool.

[Marriage. Samuel[sic] I. Susman December 1933 Liverpool 8b 483

[Sarah Swift

23 February 1934 page 35

Bristol. At a recent meeting the Rev S. I Susman of Darlington was elected Shochet, Second Reader, and Teacher.

16 March 1935 page 3

WANTED. Chazan, Shochet, Teacher and Bal Korah. £3.10 per week and perquisites. Apply S. Abrahams, 84 Greenbank, Darlington

31 August 1934 page 30

Rev D. Garb, late of the Lennox Street Synagogue, Dublin, appointed Minister and Teacher at the Darlington Hebrew Congregation. 

16 October 1936 page 3

United Synagogue. Hendon. Preacher this Friday evening and Sabbath, Rev D, Garb candidate for office.

25 December 1936 page 32

Organised by Rev. I. Waller, Newcastle, and Rev M. Landau, South Shields, the chazanim of various towns in the north-east have formed an Association whose main object is to promote the study of Hebrew Liturgy and chazanut. The services of the Association will be devoted to charitable concerts. Recent election of officers included D. Garb, Darlington, Treasurer.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 6 April 1939 page 6

The Rev D. Garb of the Victoria Road Synagogue, Darlington, has received a call to occupy a similar position at the Synagogue in Leamington Road Blackpool. There were 60 applications.

21 April 1939 page 33

Mr D. Garb has received unanimous call from the members of the Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation. Aged  29, born Warsaw. Started music in Brussels and at London College of Music he obtained ALCM. Has been at Darlington 5 years and has frequently addressed non-Jewish audiences and sung at charity functions. Treasurer of NE Chazanim Association, executive member of Darlington Child Refugee Committee, and a keen Zionist.


14 July 1939 page 30

Rev Shalom Barron elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher to Darlington Hebrew Congregation. Born London 1916 and has been Minister and Reader at the Synagogue, Russell Street, Liverpool, and Teacher to the Southport Hebrew Congregation.

29 May 1942 page 4

Bishop Auckland Hebrew Congregation Religion Classes are directed by Rev S. Barron, by courtesy of the Darlington congregation, and are held in the Lightfoot Institute.

14 January 1944 page 10

A Zionist social was held to raise funds for the Darlington avenue of trees and to bid farewell to Rev S. Barron and founder of the Society.

19 January 1945 page  13

After 13 years as Chazan, Shochet and Mohel at the Swansea Beth Hamedrash Rev M. Schwarz is leaving to take up position in Darlington.

2 February 1945 page 13

Rev Marcus Schwarz has assumed his duties in Darlington.

21 March 1946 page 4

Wanted. Chazan, Shochet and Teacher, commencing salary £5 10s per week and house available. President Samson Abrahams, 25 Manor Road, Darlington.

20 June 1947 page 12

Welcome to Rev I. Cohen newly appointed Chazan and Teacher.

25 August 1950 page 13

Rev Israel Cohen has been elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher of Portsmouth and Southsea congregation. When in Darlington he was active in Zionism and JNF and was officiating chaplain to Jewish troops in the area.

9 March 1951 page 15

Rev M. I. Fabritz has resigned as minister of South Shields and has taken up appointment as minister of Darlington. Has been at South Shields since September last having moved there from Norwich where he has been for 20 years.


2 August 1957 page 14

Youth Club formed. Hon President is Rev M. I. Fabritz.

18 July 1958 page 16

Rev M. I. Fabritz is resigning after 7 and ½ years at Darlington, going to live in London. Born Latvia. Came to England after First World War.

3 October 1858 page 5

First mention of Rev A. Freedman in Darlington as a Bridegroom of the Law,

21 October 1960 page 2

Grandson born in London for Rev and Mrs A. Freedman of Darlington.

21 July 1967 page 33

Rev A. Freedman of Darlington officiated at consecration ceremony at the North-East Memorial Home for Aged Jews in Sunderland.

12 September 1969 page 5

Darlington Hebrew Congregation requires a Reader and Shochet to officiate at their recently-built synagogue.

4 February 1972 page 34

Darlington Hebrew Congregation requires a minister also to act as teacher. Small congregation, 35 families.

8 June 1973 page 10

Rev Wilfred Wolfson has been appointed minister to Darlington which has been without spiritual leadership since 1969.

21 November 1975 page 35

‘Spiritual Leader for Darlington’

We are seeking a leader from 1 January 1976. A small active community. A fine compact shul. Within the shul complex is a new modern spacious bungalow.

5 December 1975 page 9

Rev Wilfred Wolfson has been appointed minister of the Cathedral Road Synagogue, Cardiff.

24 September 1976 page 9

Appointment of Glasgow man is first rabbi in Darlington. Rabbi Alby Copeland.


11 August 1978 page 1

Meeting in Manchester, mainly attacking Reform. Rabbi A. Copeland of Darlington said Reform did not conform to halachah.

12 October 1979 page 10

Rabbi Alby Copeland will take up vacancy at Pollokshields Hebrew Congregation in April.

27 May 1988 page 13

Injection of life into community by Rabbi William Wolf of Newcastle Reform.

14 September 2012 page C12

Rabbi Barbara Borts is part-time rabbi.

28 August 2014 page 19

The congregation congratulates its rabbi on her Ph.D.