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DHC Communal Seder 5775

posted 28 Apr 2016, 09:06 by Peninnah Pappworth-McAllister
  There was a general consensus that this was the best DHC communal Seder yet! It was fully-booked within a few days of being advertised and the first in the enlarged kiddush room which meant that more guests were able to be accommodated and just as importantly have a little  more leg- room than in previous years. Thank you to  cheder pupils Bryn and Aron, who solved the optimum table layout conundrum even if the adults had to prove the boys were entirely correct by  subsequent extensive trial and error!
 The Seder was once again marvellously led by DHC rabbi Dr  Barbara  Borts.  She encouraged everyone present to  take a turn reading and to join in debate and discussion and asking questions. Everyone did! The youngsters present were a great credit to themselves and their  families as they enthusiastically and confidently acted out  the debates of the rabbis of old  from the short plays in the Reform Haggadah.  The 4 questions were lead for their first ever time by a family group, all students of DHC Lifelong Learning classes. Grateful thanks go to Rabbi Borts for all her careful preparations which ensured  a lively, thought-provoking and  engrossing ' big -family style' Seder  perfectly suited to the DHC community.
 Enormous thanks go to DHC social and catering organiser Estelle who worked tirelessly to plan, cook and serve the truly delicious meal and the Seder plates. The only drawback being that the butternut squash and sweet potato  soup was so tasty  a few forgot to leave room for the courses that followed! Thank you to  newest DHC member Jonathan who took a day's holiday from work to lend a talented hand with the food preparations and  cooking as Estelle's assistant
            A great big thank you too to those who stayed on afterwards to clear and wash up. It was a magnificent team effort. 
             Several people have already said how much they are looking forward to next year's Seder!