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High Holy Days 5775

posted 12 Oct 2014, 05:35 by Peninnah Pappworth-McAllister   [ updated 12 Oct 2014, 05:36 ]
 Are some of those special tunes still going round in your head as they are in mine? If so you may be one of the many DHC members who attended services over the High Holy Days. Our shul looked marvellous with the new  ner tamid, framed historic torah mantles, ark banner and door curtain all in place not to mention the excellent clear light supplied by our new 'greener' LED bulbs. Thank you to all who helped with the cleaning, emergency repairs and other preparations. It was a real team effort.
 Thank you of course to Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts. The thought and extensive preparation that she had put into leading the services was obvious to all present. I certainly felt especially over the Yom Kippur services, that I had been led on a personal and communal journey and feel certain that it was the same for most of you too. It was most encouraging to see what a high percentage of our membership stayed for all of the Yom Kippur services and contributed to a most interesting and lively discussion in the afternoon entitled,' Damaging through Words. Lashon Hara, Rechilut and Avak Rechilut' . With additional members returning for the final services, it was a sizeable bunch that made havdalah and broke the fast together. Strangely after all those hours in shul few seemed in any hurry to rush off!
 We were delighted to be able to welcome some prospective new members to the shul and visitors from Manchester, Durham and Edinburgh. Our chair Bess Robertson made the Yom Kippur appeal this year on behalf of the  charity, Manna which provides food aid for people living below the poverty line  in Israel.