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Oneg Shabbat

posted 3 Jun 2014, 08:32 by Peninnah Pappworth-McAllister

Inaugural Oneg Shabbat in Darlington

 Over a third of the membership of DHC attended the first Oneg Shabbat on Friday, 23rd May at the synagogue.  Candles were lit by DHC member Naomi and also by our guest, Gwen Lamb. A delicious 3 course meal followed Kiddush. Each dish was prepared by one of those present and included some traditional favourites such as Shirley Goldberg’s Lokshen pudding. The diners concluded by singing zemirot very enthusiastically if not always entirely tunefully! Grateful thanks to all who came, cooked, prepared and participated especially to social club organiser Estelle for co-ordinating everything.

Waiting to Start!

Our President Peter Freitag, waiting for the Oneg to start.