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Rosh Hashanah 5776

posted 2 Oct 2015, 05:25 by Peninnah Pappworth-McAllister
  It was marvellous to see the newly decorated and improved building in use and seemed particularly fitting that the first services were those for Rosh Hashanah. The services themselves were dignified and moving with thought-provoking and challenging sermons from our rabbi, Dr Barbara Borts. The enlarged  kiddush room and serving hatch worked really well, though some of us, myself included, forgot sometimes that used china can be just put in the hatch and there is no need to carry it through the doors, corridor and squeeze past the ladies on the way to the kitchen!
  The current table arrangements are work in progress and the planned improvements should make serving, enjoying a kiddush and clearing up even easier.
   We were delighted to be able to welcome Mel Cohen, who was visiting UK family from his home in Napa, California, He sent the following message;
"Thank you very much for all that you did to assist me in sharing Rosh Hashanah with everyone in your congregation.  The congregation is indeed fortunate to have Rabbi Borts who impressed me with her knowledge and being so open to new ideas.......
All the best in the future and I hope that your congregation continues to flourish. "